Raghunita Gupta

I’m Raghunita Gupta, a calligrapher with a passion for crafting beautiful lettering for all your special occasions. From wedding invitations to bespoke place cards, I take pride in the meticulous details that elevate your celebrations.

More than just creating something pretty, I believe calligraphy captures a moment in time. Each flourish and curve tells a story, making your event truly unforgettable.

My love for letters extends beyond my own work. As both an artist and the Managing Director of The Calligraphy Foundation, I’m deeply committed to fostering a vibrant calligraphy community. I connect with and learn from other artists, while also finding joy in sharing my knowledge by teaching aspiring calligraphers.

Whether you’re browsing my online store for calligraphy supplies or collaborating with me on a custom piece, my goal is to bring your vision to life. Let’s transform your next event into something extraordinary, together.

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As a calligrapher, I aspire to create works that capture the spirit of memorable moments while standing the test of time. Invitations, place cards, and event signage all receive new life from my pen as I infuse them with elegance, personality, and a dash of enchantment through my fluid ink strokes.


As a calligrapher, it is my goal to make each occasion feel special and unique through the use of hand-written notes. I take great pride in the fact that the calligraphic works I create encapsulate the spirit of the event for which they were created, and that they are kept and treasured by the recipients long after the event itself has passed.

Script I know




Work Experience

After seven years of practice, the calligraphy in my portfolio strikes a nice balance between originality and accuracy. I have created bespoke event calligraphy that captures the spirit of important events by adding a touch of class and individuality to every word. Put your faith in me to rewrite the script of your life.

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