Raghunita Gupta

“With every stroke, I weave stories in ink, transforming moments into timeless art. My calligraphy reflects a passion for precision, a love for language, and a commitment to crafting bespoke masterpieces that elevate celebrations. As a community builder, I share, inspire, and extend the beauty of calligraphy to all.”


Meet Raghunita Gupta, an accomplished calligrapher with a focus on crafting personalized works for special occasions. Through meticulous attention to detail and a passion for fine lettering, she adds a touch of class and refinement to your most cherished events. As a calligrapher, Raghunita constantly explores the delicate relationship between creativity and language, making it her life’s mission to create unique calligraphic pieces that transform celebrations into unforgettable memories.


Calligraphy for
Jashn e Rekhta' 23

Workshop at Samunnati,
Student Biennale 2023 at Lalit Kala Academy. New Delhi

Commision work for wedding


Aha Moment

Recent Achivement

Calligraphy Gallery

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